Friction Measuring Apparatus -
investigation of static and kinetic friction

Friction Measuring Apparatus -
investigation of static and kinetic friction, 1009942 [U8405120], Friction
Application: : ..
The friction measuring device makes it possible to measure the static and kinetic friction between two surfaces depending on the contact area, the force applied or the combination of materials in contact.

Product Information: ..
A friction track in the form of a mounted, rotating U-shaped structure made of aluminium serves as the basis for the experiments. Between the friction bodies and the friction plane, there is a long, inlaid friction surface made of plastic, which can be pulled at a uniform velocity. At the opposite end, a dynamometer is horizontally clamped to the friction track. The dynamometer shows the frictional forces between the surfaces, resulting from the movement of the sliding friction surface.
When the friction surface begins to move, the body resting upon it experiences static friction and is dragged along with the sliding surface. As the sliding friction surface continues to be moved at uniform velocity, the static friction changes to sliding friction and the friction body remains at a state of rest relative to the friction plane.
The friction bodies have surfaces of different areas and degrees of roughness. This makes it possible to investigate the influence the area of contact and the nature of the surface has on the frictional forces.
It is possible to vary the angle of the friction track,thereby creating an incline to the horizontal plane. In this way, the normal force with which the friction body acts upon the particular surface can be made to vary.

Specifications: ..
Dimensions: 600 mm x 140 mm x 150 mm
Weight: 3 kg

Contents: ..
1 Basic apparatus with movable friction surface
1 2 N dynamometer
3 different static bodies
1 rails for holding static bodies
3 weights 100 g 1
1 rubber-coated
1 Teflon-coated
1 uncoated

품번: 1009942 [U8405120]

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