Equipment Set “Sensory Physiology”

Equipment Set “Sensory Physiology”, 1005071 [W16120], 해부학 및 생리학 실험
Experiment Topics:
·                Sense of touch (tactile sense)
·                Perception of distances between tactile spots
·                Heat and cold perception of the skin
·                Blind spot
·                Optical and haptic illusions
·                Colour vision
·                Flicker colours and motion after-effect
·                Inversion of the image in the brain using inverting goggles
·                Directional hearing
·                Hearing own body noises

Very interesting experiments for the secondary level of education
This sensory physiology kit allows students to conduct various experiments in the fields of hearing, seeing and feeling. All instruments of the kit come in a practical carrying case. The experiments and the underlying principles are described in detail in the supplied instruction manual.
Carrying case with foam inserts, instrument for directional hearing, resonance tube, calipers, tactile hair, cold/hot probe, 4 transparent plastic cards for geometrical-optical illusions, “blind spot” test card, light-proof goggles with 8 attachments,          2 inversion prisms for the goggles, controllable motor with wall plug transformer,     3 pattern discs, experiment instructions on CD-ROM (pdf file) in German or English.
품번: 1005071 [W16120]
무게 2.23 kg

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