Collection of 24 Rocks

Collection of 24 Rocks, 1018443 [U72015], Petrography
The collection contains frequently occurring examples of metamorphic, sedimentary and magmatic rocks as well as important examples of industrial rocks.

The collection contains:

Magmatic rocks, plutonites: foyaite, gabbro, granite, granodiorite, larvikite and monzonite

Magmatic rocks, vulcanites: basalt, pumice stone, phonolite, rhyolite

Sedimentary rocks: breccia, dolomite, gypsum, limestone, chalk, quartzite and sandstone

Metamorphic rocks: amphibolite, eclogite, mica schist, gneiss, marble, phyllite and serpentinite.
품번: 1018443 [U72015]
무게 1.22 kg
치수 33.5 x 23 x 6 cm

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