Thin Layer Chromatography - experiment kit

Thin Layer Chromatography - experiment kit, 1022408 [W55008], Thin Layer Chromatography
TLC is a technique of separation chemistry, which provides a simple, rapid method of separating small amounts of compounds. A mixture of three dyes is prepared and then separated on a thin layer of the absorbent silica gel with the appropriate solvent.

Kit Includes:
250mL Chromatography Solvent (Acetone / Ethyl Alcohol 9:1) 
Pkg of 5 Chromatography TLC Sheets (2 1/2″x4″)
1 x 3mL Sudan IV, 0.5% Solution 
1 x 3mL Coumarin 314, 0.1% Alcohol Solution 
1 x 3mL Methylene Blue Chloride, 1% Solution

产品编号: 1022408 [W55008]
重量 0.349 kg
尺寸 18 x 15.5 x 10.5 cm
3B 科技 产品型号 3B Scientific