Set of Fluorescence Samples

Set of Fluorescence Samples, 1012868 [U40206], X-Ray Physics
Set of 7 samples for material analysis with the X-ray energy detector (1008629). The material composition can be determined from the energies of the appropriate X-ray fluorescence lines. Thus, for example the difference between stainless and low carbon steel, or between copper, brass and bronze can be seen clearly.

Stainless Steel S321
Low Carbon Steel
Copper C101
Brass C260
Bronze C220
Zinc and Lead
产品编号: 1012868 [U40206]
重量 0.066 kg

Spare Tube for X-Ray Apparatus, 1000664 [U19204], X-Ray Physics
by 3B Scientific Teltron
2盒用于放射线摄影的胶卷, 1000669 [U19209], X-Ray Physics
by 3B Scientific Teltron