RNA Model, 24 Bases, miniDNA® Kit

RNA Model, 24 Bases, miniDNA® Kit, 1021258 [W19765], DNA的结构和功能
Easily assemble this single strand molecule which consists of the 4 bases, as in DNA, but instead of Thymine RNA has Uracil. This RNA molecular kit contains 24 bases, equivalent to 8 codons in a single strand model of messenger RNA as well as 4 "clover leaf" shaped Transfer RNA parts and 4 amino-acid parts. Together with the layers of the Advanced miniDNA™ kit (1005297/1005298) it can be used to model the creation of RNA by TRANSCRIPTION. Furthermore, it provides hands-on investigation into protein synthesis known as TRANSLATION.

The Advanced miniDNA molecular model includes:
  • 6 Uracil (light blue)
  • 6 Adenine (blue)
  • 6 Guanine (green)
  • 6 Cytosine (yellow)
  • 12 Ribose (red)
  • 12 Phosphate (purple)
  • 4 TRNA and 4 amino acid parts
产品编号: 1021258 [W19765]
重量 0.09 kg
尺寸 4 x 11 x 11 cm
3B 科技 产品型号 Molymod