Induction Apparatus

Induction Apparatus, 1022439, 感应现象
Apparatus for demonstrating the induced voltage in a frame coil that is moved through the magnetic field produced by a magnet plate of limited area or by the rotation of a current-carrying conductor in the magnetic field of the magnet plate. By varying the speed of motion of the frame coil, the direction of motion and the number of turns in the coil, the induction law can be derived experimentally and quantitatively. The transparent design of the magnetic plate and coils means that they can be demonstrated on the overhead projector. An unfoldable support permits inclined setup.

  • Operating voltage: 2 – 12 V DC
  • Frame coil: approx. 185x125 mm²
  • Total dimensions: approx. 510x310x150 mm³
  • Weight: approx. 0,6 kg
  • 1 Induction apparatus with retractable magnetic plate
  • 1 Frame coil
  • 1 Rolling conductor loop
产品编号: 1022439
重量 0.579 kg
3B 科技 产品型号 3B Scientific