Experiment: Moment of Inertia (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Moment of Inertia (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 8000543 [UE1040205-230], Rotational motions
Objective: Determine the moment of inertia for various test bodies.

A body’s moment of inertia around an axis of rotation depends on how the mass of the object is distributed with respect to the axis. This will be investigated for a dumbbell, which has two weights symmetrically aligned either side of the axis, for a circular wooden disc, a wooden sphere and both solid and hollow cylinders. The period of oscillation of the test bodies is dependent on the mass distribution and the effective radius of the object.


Torsion Axle, 1008662 [U20050], 旋转运动

Torsion Axle

1008662 [U20050]
光控计时门, 1000563 [U11365], 传感器


1000563 [U11365]
圆筒支脚, 1002834 [U13265], 基底


1002834 [U13265]
双联式三脚架座, 1002836 [U13271], 基底


1002836 [U13271]
产品编号: 8000543 [UE1040205-230]
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