Experiment: Coupled Oscillations (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Experiment: Coupled Oscillations (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 8000562 [UE1050600-115], Oscillations
Objective: Record and evaluate oscillation of two identical coupled pendulums

The oscillation of two identical, coupled pendulums is distinguished by the period of oscillation and the beat period. The beat period is the interval between two points in time when one pendulum is swinging at its minimum amplitude. Both values can be calculated from the natural periods of oscillation for the coupled pendulums when the oscillations are in phase and out of phase.

Coach 7 license required!


螺旋弹簧 3,9 N/m, 1002945 [U15027], 螺旋弹簧

螺旋弹簧 3,9 N/m

1002945 [U15027]
WiLab, 1022284, 数据记录仪


平台夹, 1002832 [U13260], 夹具


1002832 [U13260]
不锈钢杆 1000mm, 1002936 [U15004], 杆

不锈钢杆 1000mm

1002936 [U15004]
不锈钢杆 470mm, 1002934 [U15002], 杆

不锈钢杆 470mm

1002934 [U15002]
通用夹, 1002830 [U13255], 夹具


1002830 [U13255]
电压传感器 10 V, 1021682 [UCMA-BT02], 传感器

电压传感器 10 V

1021682 [UCMA-BT02]