DNA Paternity Testing Electrophoresis Lab Activity

DNA Paternity Testing Electrophoresis Lab Activity, 1022426 [W55026], 电泳实验
While over 99% of DNA is the same among all humans, the remaining part is unique to every individual (with the exception of identical twins). These differences are hereditary, with parts of the unique sequence coming from each parent. By using DNA fingerprinting, or DNA profiling, a child’s paternal relationship can be tested by comparing the child’s DNA profile to the profile of the mother and possible father to determine if an individual is the father or not. In this activity students will use electrophoresis to separate DNA samples of a child, mother, and two potential fathers to determine if either father is a possible paternal match. The kit contains enough materials for 8 groups of students and includes a Teacher’s Guide and Student Study Guide copymasters.

Kit Includes:
  • 200mL Prepared Agarose, 0.8% Solution
  • 500mL Tris Borate EDTA Buffer, 5X
  • 60mL DNA Stain, 20X
  • 10 µg Mother’s DNA Sample
  • 10 µg Child’s DNA Sample
  • 10 µg Possible Father #1 DNA Sample
  • 10 µg Possible Father #2 DNA Sample
产品编号: 1022426 [W55026]
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