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Vacuum Experiment Plate

Vacuum Experiment Plate, 1003166 [U21850], Vacuum
Vacuum Experiment Plate, 1003166 [U21850], Vacuum

Vacuum Experiment Plate


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Experiment plate for the assembly of a vacuum chamber in conjunction with the Vacuum Bell Jar (U218511) for exploration of physical phenomena in vacuum. The metal plate has a sealing ring, is mounted on a tripod, has a hose connection on the pump-side, and a ventilation port. Includes two-pole current feed via 4-mm safety sockets, a cable of approximately 1 m length with 4-mm safety plugs, plus a central bore with M12 thread for attaching experimental equipment.

Diameter: 250 mm
Height: 90 mm
Electrical limit specs.: max. 48 V, max. 12 A
Vacuum connection: 2 hose nozzles 12 mm and 8 mm dia.
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Product Data
Item No. 1003166 [U21850]
Weight 2.355 kg
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