Trigger Point Flip Chart (6 charts in one)

Trigger Point Flip Chart (6 charts in one), W411752FS, Therapy Books
Trigger Point Flip Chart (6 charts in one), W411752FS, Therapy Books
$ 149.95
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6 charts in ONE! 

Trigger Point charts help you quickly assess and treat patients’ pain without the need for memorization.  This 6 in one set includes:

Head & Neck
Spine, Thorax & Abdomen
Upper extremity
Lower extremity
Joint Range of Motion
Postural Analysis

David Kent’s Trigger Point charts are the best on the market, with full-color printing and a patented easy-to-use color coding system. These clear and beautiful charts let you quickly find the areas to treat for a particular ailment, and educate your clients on the source of their pain. They help you justify a prescribed treatment series and make writing SOAP notes easy and painless. Your patients deserve the best, so you need the most professional tools. David’s Trigger Point charts make even a novice look and act like a pro.

Dimensions: 16" H x 12" W

Item No.: W411752FS
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