Teltron Maltese Cross Tube S

Teltron Maltese Cross Tube S, 1000011 [U18553], Teltron® Tubes
Teltron Maltese Cross Tube S, 1000011 [U18553], Teltron® Tubes
$ 957.00
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High-vacuum electron tube with divergent electron gun aimed at a fluorescent screen partially obscured by a Maltese cross. For demonstrating the linear propagation of electrons in the absence of applied electromagnetic fields by projecting the shadow of a Maltese cross onto the fluorescent screen. Application of a magnetic field using the Helmholtz Coils S allows for students to study the fundamental science of electron optics, such as beam focusing.

Max. filament voltage: 6.3 V AC
Max. anode voltage: 5 kV
Anode current: approx. 0.1 mA at 4 kV


$ 884.00
$ 803.00

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Item No.: 1000011 [U18553]
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Product Information
Weight 1.54 lb
Dimensions 13.8 x 11.1 x 8.7 in
Brand 3B Scientific Teltron
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