Tangerine Herbal Salt Scrub 10 oz

Tangerine Herbal Salt Scrub 10 oz, 3011818, Soaps, Salts and Scrubs
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The fresh combination of tangerine and sweet orange essential oils restores the skin. This Organic herbal salt scrub is fresh, relaxing and balancing. Infused with Green Tea and St. John's Wort, this combination will help make your day perfect. Exfoliation for healthy skin - aromatherapy for uplifting spirits. Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis is an important step for overall skin health. By gently sloughing away dead skin cells, you encourage new skin growth.Our Organic Salt Scrubs with Dead Sea Salt and Evaporated Sea Salt gently remove dead skin cells and leave your skin soft, fresh and silky smooth. This Scrub has added Organic Argan and Organic Sea Buckthorn Oils which have extraordinary high levels of anti-oxidants. It also contains our unique, Ayurvedic, Organic blend of 6 oils which moisturizes and protects during and after treatment. Feel the difference!
Item No.: 3011818
MPN: 311509-10
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