Supplementary Set for Stirling Engine D

Supplementary Set for Stirling Engine D, 1008516 [U8440455], Cyclic Processes
Supplementary Set for Stirling Engine D, 1008516 [U8440455], Cyclic Processes
$ 85.00
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Set of equipment for adding a displacement sensor (U11371) and a relative pressure sensor (U11321) to the D-series Stirling engine (U8440450). The set consists of the following components:
1 Base plate to accommodate the pressure sensor
1 Knurled screw for fastening the base plate to a stand rod
1 Stem with magnetic base for displacement sensor
1 Silicone tubing for connecting ±100-hPa relative pressure sensor (U11321)
1 Set of threads with suction pad
2 Weights with hook, 20 g each
Item No.: 1008516 [U8440455]
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Weight 0.40 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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