Soothing Touch Basics Cream, Gallon

Soothing Touch Basics Cream, Gallon, W67348CG, Massage Creams
$ 35.99

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8 oz
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Introducing the New Basics Massage Cream with *Organic Argan Oil and *Cucumber Extract. This cream is unscented, paraben free and terrific for many types of massage. It is rich and creamy (non-pumpable) but spreads easily allowing for exceptional control.

*Argan Oil - Organic, comes from Morocco, is mainly harvested and pressed by women cooperatives and has become a highly sustainable crop that is very usable for food, shelter and protection from desertification. The argan production has great socio-economic impact and helps many families raise their social status especially women. Argan oil is a terrific moisturizing oil for the skin and has been used for centuries on flaking, dry skin and for nourishing the hair. Our Argan Oil has the added benefit of being Organic as well!
Item No.: W67348CG
Brand Soothing Touch
MPN: 307019-06
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