SAM4 Online - additional seat licenses (75) 3 years

SAM4 Online - additional seat licenses (75) 3 years, 8001170, Options
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If your organization needs more than 200 seats which are included with each SAM4 Online license, this package offers you additional 75 license seats which can be freely distributed between students and faculty members.

For a more tailored solution to meet your training goals and seat license seat requirements, please contact us. Consider 8001155 Upgrade Package, if you are looking to expose your students to authentic patient data before they enter the hospital environment.

The Upgrade Package consists of 24 Real Patient Sounds, 12 Transthoracic Echocardiogram (TTE) Videos and 24 Case Studies and gives your students the digital adeptness to analyze patient information and deliver accurate insights for a real healthcare setting.


From $ 2,995.00
From $ 2,995.00
Item No.: 8001170
Brand Cardionics
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