SAM Online® Auscultation Training System (Institutional License – 1 year)

SAM Online® Auscultation Training System (Institutional License – 1 year), 8000918, Auscultation
SAM Online® Auscultation Training System (Institutional License – 1 year), 8000918, Auscultation
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SAM Online is an interactive online auscultation training platform that gives students and instructors access to an extensive simulated sounds library, lesson guides for over 60 conditions and tools to chart the learning progress. The comprehensive sound library and the instructor aid make SAM Online suitable for every level of auscultation training.
Good to know: The heart sound frequency ranges from 20 to 650 Hertz, breath sounds range between 70 to 2000 Hertz. We recommend high quality headphones or speakers for listening to the auscultation sounds for best training outcomes.

Auscultation training at any time and wherever you are
Whether you are teaching auscultation to a class in person or remotely, SAM Online provides a central platform for instructors and teachers to create lessons tailored to their curriculum. The platform also includes a training management system to track students’ progress at any time. All features for instructors at a glance:
  • Online library of over 80 simulated auscultation sounds (heart, lung, bowel and bruit)
  • Includes corresponding phonocardiograms and ECG waveforms for every heart sounds
  • Comes with prepared lesson guides for students
  • Instructors can upload custom assignments curated to their curriculum
  • Large library of prepared quizzes that can easily be edited
  • Entire tests can be created inside the system including grade settings and due dates
  • Includes a course planning and teacher and classes collaboration tool to streamline auscultation training for entire institutions
  • Easily share information with your class or individual students via the Student Organizer
  • Includes large Arrhythmia library 
Easy to follow auscultation training to streamline students’ learning curves

Students receive an easy  to use application to practice the theory of auscultation outside the classroom. The interactive auscultation model allows them to train correct placement of stethoscopes (front and back, anatomically correct) and select the specific sounds they want to learn. All features for students at a glance:
  • Lesson guides include all basic information they need to learn to understand the different auscultation sounds
  • Students receive assignments from their teachers and easy to follow instructions
  • Students receive tailored quizzes from their teachers and can take random quizzes to test their knowledge
  • Students can take auscultation exams remotely or in class, seeing their time remaining and instantly receiving grades upon completion of the (standardized) tests
  • Students can check their learning progress inside their grading book (also shows pending assignments yet to be completed)
  • Students see the defined syllabus to check specific course expectations and responsibilities
  • Students can train with the Arrhythmia tool 
Altogether, SAM Online is more than an auscultation training platform; it is an entire training management system which is very well thought through for both teachers and students alike.

About Lesson Guides and the Arrhythmia Program:
Comprehensive Lesson Guides
Included with each condition is a thorough lesson guide outlining the nuances and causes of each sound. Complete with diagrams and phonocardiogram descriptions, these lesson guides provide comprehensive instruction of auscultation analysis — leading to reinforced concepts by the student.

Arrhythmia Program
SAM Online includes an additional program for learning arrhythmias. With nearly 30 of the most common arrhythmias, this program offers in-depth explanations of the ECG waveforms and descriptions of each condition’s clinical significance and treatment plan. Learning progress can be tracked with the novice or advanced level quizzes.
Delivery content:
The institutional license to SAM Online Auscultation Training System includes:
  • 1 admin license
  • 5 teacher licenses
  • 200 student licenses
Additional licenses can be added at any time to expand the platform.

Please note: The SAM Online institutional license comes complimentary for one year with the purchase of a SAM 3G or SAM II adult auscultation trainer, a PAT pediatric auscultation trainer, a SimShirt Auscultation Simulator, or a Bionic Hybrid Auscultation Simulator.

  SAM 3G® SAM II® SAM Basic® SAM Online® PAT®  PAT Basic®
Item No.  1021554 1020095 1020097 8000918 1020096 1020098
Laptop with pre-installed software - - -
Stethoscope used any stethoscope any stethoscope SimScope® - any stethoscope SimScope®
Carotid pulse - - - -
Can be connected to the speaker system 1021753 for group instruction - - -
Auscultation sites
Heart 4 4 4 - 4 4
Lung 8 8 8 - 8 8
Bowel 2 2 2 - 2 2
Bruit 1 1 2 - 0 0
Auscultation sounds
Heart 45 46 18 42 69 25
Lung 48 27 20 31 25 12
Bowel 11 11 6 18 4 4
Bruit 6 6 1 4 0 0
Phonocardiogram (recording of all the sounds made by the heart during a cardiac cycle) - -
Sounds in the Real Sound Library 24 0 0 - 0 0
Echo Cardiogram Videos 12 0 0 - 0 0
Case Videos 24 0 0 - 0 0
Users can create and save own videos - - - - -
Users can setup password protected lectures - - -
Multi-languages available - - - -
Available in light and dark skin tone -

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