Pulse and BP Assessment Simulator

Pulse and BP Assessment Simulator, 3012943, Blood Pressure
Pulse and BP Assessment Simulator, 3012943, Blood Pressure
$ 2,500.00
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-Realistic Practice of B/P examination with stethoscope
-Setting the Systolic/Diastolic BP (BP range : 35~240㎜Hg)
-Setting the pulse rate per minute (Pulse rate range : 40~140times/min )
-Setting up automatic the Systolic/Diastolic B/P & pulse rate
-Setting Auscultatory gap (On/Off)
-Setting pulse intensity (3 stages)
-Setting Korotkoff sound's volume (5 stages)
-Pulse palpation at radial & brachial artery.
-Auscultate Korotkoff's sound of brachial artery
-Choose Auscultation techniques / Palpation techniques / Auscultation + Palpation
-Real-time graphs of cuff pressure changes are displayed on the monitor.
(Pressure range : 0~300mmHg)
-Setting over pressure standard (10~50mmHg)
-Decompression rate between systolic & diastolic is displayed in real-time.
-Skin of arm is made of asoft material feels similar with real human skin.
-Easy self practice and evaluation by training / evaluation mode.
(Various situation are programmed) -Save/Print training result
-Easy installation and mobility by using Bluetooth.
-Power : AC power or battery

-Adult's left arm model  -1EA
-Tablet PC -1EA
-Cuff -1EA
-Arm model mount –1EA  
-Power adaptor (12VDC 1.5A) -1EA
-Battery Holder -1EA
-Storage case -1EA

-Adult's left arm model : 2.65 lbs (28.35" x 4.33" x 4.33")
-Display device : 1.32 lbs (10.35" x 7.12" x .39")
-Storage case : 4.85 lbs (28.74" x 11.02" x5.51")
Total weight for all approx 12.12 lbs

Item No.: 3012943
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Product Information
Weight 13.5 lb
Brand BT USA
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