Motor, 12 V DC

Motor, 12 V DC, 1001041 [U8552330], Mechanical Waves
Motor, 12 V DC, 1001041 [U8552330], Mechanical Waves
$ 237.00
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·         Rotor, coreless
·         High starting torque
·         Low moment of inertia

Compact experiment motor – can also be used as a tachogenerator, oscillation generator or for the excitation of rove waves.
The motor has a coreless rotor and thus has a high starting torque at a lower moment of inertia. It is characterised by a very short starting time, smooth running and low running noise. On its axis, the motor has a threaded bush with a screw-on retaining pulley. Thus, plates and levers too can be fixed on to the axis.
Nominal voltage/current: 12 V/260 mA DC
Run-up voltage/current: 0.5 V/45 mA DC
Power consumption: 3.6 W
Nominal speed 3900 rpm
Nominal rated torque: 0.5 Ncm
Direction of rotation: Reversible
Dimensions in mm: approx. 130x55 mm²
Weight: approx. 200 g
Item No.: 1001041 [U8552330]
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Product Information
Weight 0.53 lb
Dimensions 5.9 x 4.1 x 4.3 in
Brand 3B Scientific
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