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Lumbar traction is widely used to treat lower back pain, often in conjunction with other treatments. Spinal elongation, through decreasing lordosis and increasing intervertebral space, inhibits pain (nociceptive) impulses, improves mobility, decreases mechanical stress, reduces muscle spasm or spinal nerve root compression (due to osteophytes), releases luxation of a disc or capsule from the zygapophyseal joint, and releases adhesions around the zygapophyseal joint and the annulus fibrosus. Many chiropractors and physical therapists use lumbar traction in conjunction with other treatments to relieve chronic lower back pain, especially sciatica.
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Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Traction Device, W58352, Lumbar Traction Devices

Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Traction Device

$ 730.26
Item: W58352

Posture Pump ® Elliptical Back Rocker™, W99967, Lumbar Traction Devices

Posture Pump ® Elliptical Back Rocker™

$ 149.00
Item: W99967

Posture Pump ® Deluxe Full-Spine, W99968, Lumbar Traction Devices

Posture Pump ® Deluxe Full-Spine

$ 325.00
Item: W99968