DIES Balcony Danger Mat

DIES Balcony Danger Mat, 3011770, Drug and Alcohol Education
$ 800.00
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The Danger In Every Step (DIES®) Balcony Danger Mat is designed specifically to help you raise awareness about one’s susceptibility to the potential dangers associated with alcohol impairment in a party scene. This durable single-sided rubber backed mat measures 4’ x 14’ and provides the simulated challenge of walking through a room while doing simple tasks such as picking up a TV remote or a piece of pizza, talking to another “party goer”, and avoiding tripping hazards that could result in a fall from the balcony to the street below. This activity addresses potential dangers associated with alcohol at house parties, block parties, holiday parties, family celebrations and other events.

4' x 14' DIES® rubber backed mat
Carrying strap
User guide
Item No.: 3011770
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Brand Innocorp, Ltd.
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