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Complete Anatomy – now available with an exclusive 10%* discount only on

The award-winning interactive Complete Anatomy app is now a cross platform, multi-operating system software. The ultra-high performance of the 3D anatomy atlas across all devices is convincing customers all over the world to use Complete Anatomy for learning, teaching and presenting human anatomy.  
  • Cross-platform with ultra-high performance on all devices
  • Fully interactive human anatomy
  • High resolution, 3D anatomy atlas
  • Licenses for students, educators and medical professionals
  • Now available with a 10% discount on
Complete Anatomy: the most advanced, interactive virtual anatomy atlas

The interactive Complete Anatomy App from 3D4Medical contains a beautifully rendered 3D human model featuring over 13,000 selectable parts in high resolution. 3D4Medical is the specialist in transforming medical and anatomical content into virtual information to be accessed anywhere – anytime.

Your cross platform 3D anatomy solution

Complete Anatomy it is the most accurate and complex 3D anatomical atlas available and it is entirely interactive. It works across platforms, so users can choose whether to use it as an app on their smartphone or tablet, or as desktop software when working on laptop or computer.

Users can watch educational videos about cardiology, dentistry, fitness, ophthalmology or orthopaedics and take a closer look at all the body systems, for example the muscular, lymphatic, nervous system and many more.

Complete Anatomy is intuitive to use and fully interactive. Users can study, teach and present in multiple different ways tailored to their needs as a student, educator or medical professional. The anatomy of the human body can be discovered layer by layer, structure by structure or function by function.

An academic advisory board and in-house anatomical experts from 3D4Medical continuously validate all anatomical data that is used in the anatomy app and desktop software, which makes it reliable for students and professors all over the world. 

Explore Human Anatomy like never before!

With Complete Anatomy, learning and teaching human anatomy has been taken to a new dimension. Watch a beating, dissectible 3D human heart, real time muscle movement, explore insertion and origin mapping, bony surface and landmark mapping, and much more. Complete Anatomy literally brings the physiological part in human anatomy into motion.

Complete Anatomy is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Language: English
You can choose between three license types, each tailored to the specific needs of a student, an educator or a professional user:

  Student Plus Educator Professional
3D Anatomy Atlas
Cross-Platform Access
All Video Packs
All 3D4Medical Courses
Access Curriculum Content
Presentation License
Patient Education License
Send Curriculum Content
Curriculum Manager
Student Assessment Dashboard
AR (Augmented Reality)

*Save 10% when ordering your license through the 3B Scientific shop! 
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Complete Anatomy – Professional License, 10262 [CA-PRO], Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy – Professional License

Item: 10262 [CA-PRO]

Complete Anatomy – Student Plus License, 10263 [CA-STU], Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy – Student Plus License

Item: 10263 [CA-STU]