Cando Tube Klip, Medium (for green-black) | Alternative to dumbbells

Cando Tube Klip, Medium (for green-black) | Alternative to dumbbells, 1013936 [W99680], Band and Tubing Accessories
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Alternative to dumbbells - Flexible use during training - Resistance training anywhere, anytime - Form the exercise tubing into an exercise loop and secure with the appropriate Cando Klip. No longer will you have to feel insecure with knotted ends or struggle through the process of unknotting. The Cando Klips can also be used to prevent one end of the exercise medium from being pulled through an anchor. Tubing Klips sold in pairs.

For tubing colors Green - Black


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Item No.: 1013936 [W99680]
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Product Information
Weight 0.03 lb
Dimensions 2.0 x 1.0 x 0.5 in
Brand CanDo
MPN: 10-5375
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