Cando ® Exercise Loop - 15" - yellow/X light | Alternative to dumbbells

Cando ® Exercise Loop - 15" - yellow/X light | Alternative to dumbbells, 1009137 [W58536], Exercise Bands
$ 5.00

Resistance Level:

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Alternative to dumbbells - Flexible use during training - Resistance training anywhere, anytime - The Cando Exercise loop is a pre-made exercise loop that can be used to perform almost any upper or lower body exercise. The 15 inch loop is used primarily for hand therapy exercises. The length represents the length of the exercise loop when it is flat.

Cando Exercise Loop X Light is a great resistance exercise therapy tool!
Item No.: 1009137 [W58536]
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Product Information
Weight 0.06 lb
Dimensions 15.0 x 3.0 x 0.5 in
Brand CanDo
MPN: 10-5261
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