Blood typing with Rhesus factor

Blood typing with Rhesus factor, 1005072 [W16130], Genetics Experiments
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This long-life experimental kit allows your students to determine blood groups with Rhesus factor without any risk of infection. They can examine the artificial “blood” of 4 fictitious persons and determine their blood group and Rhesus factor. Distinct agglutinations can be seen. The size of red and white “blood corpuscles” and the number of corpuscles per mm3 can be determined using a microscope.

Supplied with: 4 dropper bottles of artificial blood (A, B, AB and 0), 1 dropper bottle each of artificial anti-A, anti-B and anti-Rh serum, 48 washable permanent test trays with 3 wells, 50 mixing sticks, detailed teacher’s information with agglutination diagram.

The supplied materials suffice for approx. 45 to 50 samples.
Item No.: 1005072 [W16130]
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