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Bolsters and wedges are used in physical therapy for treatment where positioning of the body is needed. Rolls are often used for stretching and massaging of larger muscles like in the legs.
Dejarnette Wedge Style Wedge, 1022621, Treatment Bolsters and Wedges
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Dejarnette Wedge Style Wedge

27.75 €
Item: 1022621

Half Moon Roll in Vinyl, Dark Blue, 1004997 [W15097DB], Treatment Bolsters and Wedges

Half Moon Roll in Vinyl, Dark Blue

48.79 €
Item: 1004997 [W15097DB]

Large Foam Wedge Pillow, 1004999 [W15099DB], Treatment Bolsters and Wedges

Large Foam Wedge Pillow

83.30 €
Item: 1004999 [W15099DB]