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“Addition of Colors” School Apparatus, 1012821 [U11060], Color

“Addition of Colors” School Apparatus

Item: 1012821 [U11060]

Newton's Color Disc, 1002983 [U15500], Color

Newton's Color Disc

Item: 1002983 [U15500]

Newton’s Colour Disc, with DC Motor, 1010175 [U29555], Color

Newton’s Colour Disc, with DC Motor

Item: 1010175 [U29555]

Newton's Colour Disc, with Crank, 1010194 [U29587], Color

Newton's Colour Disc, with Crank

Item: 1010194 [U29587]

Spectroscope in Cardboard Case, 1003183 [U21876], Color

Spectroscope in Cardboard Case

Item: 1003183 [U21876]

Colour Mixing Device, 1021719 [U218831], Color

Colour Mixing Device

Item: 1021719 [U218831]