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Stimulation Equipment for Earthworm Experiments

Stimulation Equipment for Earthworm Experiments


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The stimulation equipment is for tactile stimulation of earthworms in neurophysiological experiments. A pin falling from a specific height creates a stimulus such as that likely to occur to a worm in nature. This stimulates
potential for action in the nerves of the worm. It is possible to detect a relationship between the twitching reflex and the relevant nerves as well as the potential in the muscles. The creature remains uninjured and can be returned to its habitat after completion of the experiment.

The stimulation equipment is connected to the bio-measurement interface. Results of the experiment are communicated to a computer via the interface and displayed by means of the accompanying software. Recording of the resulting signal is also activated by the software.

Power supply: +5 V DC (via Sub-D plug connector)
Mass of falling pin: 1 g
Dimensions of pin (3 pins): 40 mm x 2 mm diam.
Scale intervals: 1 cm
Plug: Sub-D, 15-pin
Dimensions: approx. 125x15x15 mm3
Weight: approx. 75 g

Product Data
Item No. 1020603 [U8557670]
Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions 12.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm
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