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Stand Equipment “Mechanical Oscillations”

Stand Equipment “Mechanical Oscillations”, 1012849 [U61022], Stands, Clamps and Accessories

Stand Equipment “Mechanical Oscillations”


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Stand equipment for easy, understandable and stable assemblies, e.g. for investigating mechanical oscillations and waves using the sensors from Sensors “Mechanical Oscillations” (1012850 or 1012851).
Including SW base plate as non-tilting base to accommodate the stand rods, two double clamps and SW tie bar. The SW tie bar serves as multi-function holder for fitting between stand rods on the base plate in order to build set-ups featuring the dynamic force sensors from Sensors “Mechanical Oscillations”.
Base plate:                           345x240x16 mm³ approx.
Stand rods:                           400 mm x 10 mm dia. approx.
1 SW Base plate
2 Stand rods with internal and external thread
2 Stand rods with external thread
2 SW Double clamps
1 SW Tie bar
Product Data
Item No. 1012849 [U61022]
Weight 3.4 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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