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SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi

SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi, 1020101, Options
SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi, 1020101, Options
SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi, 1020101, Options
SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi, 1020101, Options

SimScope® The Hybrid Simulator without WiFi


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SimScope® is an electronic simulation-training stethoscope created for use on a standardized patient as well as on a manikin for auscultation training purposes or in O.S.C.E (objective structured clinical examination) or any other examination format trainings. It is available as SimScope® Wi-Fi Auscultation Training Stethoscope and SimScope® without Wi-Fi. Specific RFID tags provide site markers for both of the SimScope® versions to identify specific locations and playing the corresponding sounds, these tags are placed on the standardized patient or the training manikin.

The SimScope® Wi-Fi Auscultation Training Stethoscope enables wireless communication between the SimScope® and a computer running the software with the large Cardionics auscultation sounds library, allowing the instructor to select and change any of the physiological and pathological sounds and conditions the trainee will hear with the training stethoscope. The SimScope® auscultation sounds library is customizable to fit any curriculum or training program. Simulated and real sounds on the library can be individually assigned e.g. for a particular course by connecting the SimScope® training stethoscope to a computer via USB port and copy the scenario to the SimScope®. After the scenario is loaded, the SimScope® can be used wirelessly for auscultation training. Using the SimScope® Wi-Fi auscultation stethoscope, the Instructor can change the sounds temporarily during a scenario if needed. Any wireless change is just temporary to make sure the initially set up scenarios remain in place. The SimScope® auscultation training stethoscope can be used either wirelessly with one AAA Battery or connected via USB cable with a computer. A detailed manual is available online.

Auscultation training success with SimScope® training stethoscope:

1. Train correct stethoscope placement:
  • Patches made of special fabric and adhesive tape can be placed on a manikin or on a standardized patient as side markers for the SimScope® training stethoscope
  • Anterior auscultation sound sides: Aortic, Pulmonic, Tricuspid, Mitral, Lung Right-Lower, Lung Right-Upper, Lung Left-Lower, Lung Left-Upper, Bowel, Bruit
  • Posterior auscultation sound sides: Lung Right-Lower, Lung Right-Upper, Lung Left-Lower, Lung Left-Upper 
2. Train diagnosis of normal and abnormal heart, lung and bowel sounds and their variations:
  • The SimScope® has to be placed correctly on the markers to hear the sound         
3. Train correct anatomical terminology:
  • Terminology provided in the manual and included in the SimScope® software, differentiated for heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds and bruit sounds 
4. Train essentially communication skills with patients and medical staff:
  • Students simulate patient and team interaction as well as examination protocols and bedside manner 
Feature overview of the SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope:
  • SimScope® Wi-Fi allows the trainer remote selection of sound scenarios for auscultation training (the version without WiFi needs to be connected to a computer via USB cable to change sounds)
  • Perfect for training of one on one student/patient interaction
  • Ideal for use with standardized patient and O.S.C.E. programs
  • Listen to sounds only at anatomically correct auscultation sites
  • User friendly software that enables maximum flexibility: The system adapts to your specific requirements allowing virtually unlimited sound selections and scenarios
  • Quick change of AAA battery
  • Utilizes the extensive Cardionics proprietary heart, lung, bowel and bruit sounds library
Delivery Content:
  • 1 SimScope® Auscultation Training Stethoscope
  • SimScope® Software including the Cardionics Sounds Library
  • SimScope® Patches
  • USB cable
SimScope® Patch Kit (15 patches incl.), 1020103, Options
131.08 €
Additional SimScope® Stethoscope without WiFi, 1020102, Options
2,546.20 €
SimScope® Tablet with Software, 1021559, Options
1,160.00 €
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