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Sensory Evaluation tools like Babinski Hammers, Wartenburg Pinwheels, Tuning Forks and Aesthesiometers evaluate gross cutaneous sensory perception, hearing and pain perception responses.
Plumb with Line, 1002940 [U15015], Sensory Evaluation

Plumb with Line

19.04 €
Item: 1002940 [U15015]

Babinsky Reflex Hammer, 1005905 [W50189], Sensory Evaluation

Babinsky Reflex Hammer

10.71 €
Item: 1005905 [W50189]

Baseline Two Point Aesthesiometer, 1015298 [W54067], Sensory Evaluation

Baseline Two Point Aesthesiometer

41.51 €
Item: 1015298 [W54067]

Discrim-a-gon 2-point Discriminator, 2 disc set, 1009095 [W54670], Sensory Evaluation

Discrim-a-gon 2-point Discriminator, 2 disc set

47.60 € 58.31 €
Item: 1009095 [W54670]