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Acupuncture needles by SEIRIN. The name SEIRIN ® stands for an incomparable level of product quality and safety, and is associated with the ease with which its acupuncture needles are inserted. For many years, therapists have appreciated how easy it is to insert these needles, and patients have valued the comfortable experience. SEIRIN ® acupuncture needles are at the same time the perfect complement for the product range by 3B Scientific, the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of medical learning tools and acupuncture models.

We use high quality steel, rely on impeccable workmanship, provide an excellent surface finish, and ensure that SEIRIN ® needles are perfectly sterile. One feature is decisive in ensuring the lasting popularity of our products: the needles can be inserted very gently. In the view of many experts, the first time a needle is inserted into a patient’s skin should be pain-free or hurt as little as possible. SEIRIN ® needles, unlike others, especially Chinese needles, come very close to this ideal. All SEIRIN ® products are CE tested and comply with the quality and safety standards of TÜV, ISO 9002 and the WHO.
The new SEIRIN® B-type,1017648

The new SEIRIN® B-type

From 11.72 €
Item: 1017648

SEIRIN® J-Type Acupuncture Needles,S-J1230

SEIRIN® J-Type Acupuncture Needles

From 12.50 €
Item: 1002412 [S-J1230]



From 20.23 €
Item: 1002468 [S-PO]

SEIRIN® J15-Type Acupuncture Needles,S-J1015

SEIRIN® J15-Type Acupuncture Needles

From 12.50 €
Item: 1015547 [S-J1015]

SEIRIN® J-ProPak10 Acupuncture Needles,S-JPRO1630

SEIRIN® J-ProPak10 Acupuncture Needles

From 11.90 €
Item: 1015551 [S-JPRO1630]

SEIRIN® L-Typ Full-Metal Needles,S-L2030

SEIRIN® L-Typ Full-Metal Needles

From 14.88 €
Item: 1002430 [S-L2030]

SEIRIN ® L-Typ The all-metal needle diameter 0,25 mm Length 50 mm Price is valid for 1 box 100 needles,S-L2550

SEIRIN ® L-Typ The all-metal needle diameter 0,25 mm Length 50 mm Price is valid for 1 box 100 needles

14.88 €
Item: 1017795 [S-L2550]

SEIRIN ® M-Typ 0,14x30mm, green,S-M1430

SEIRIN ® M-Typ 0,14x30mm, green

From 14.88 €
Item: 1018792 [S-M1430]

SEIRIN® Spinex intradermal needles,S-NS1203

SEIRIN® Spinex intradermal needles

From 14.28 €
Item: 1002461 [S-NS1203]