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Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils

Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils
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These collections contain carefully selected animal and plant fossils from all the important groups that are representativeof certain geological time periods. These examples, placed in chronological order, give an overview of the developmentof life from the Precambrian to the Quaternary period. Each item is stored individually in boxes placed in chronologicalorder, with a label, the date and details of where the item was found. The fossils come in a wooden box with a detailedaccompanying booklet in English, German and French. The collections were created especially to give an introductionto palaeontology. The items delivered may vary depending on availability. We will ensure that we provide at least oneexample from each period.
  1. Ediacara Fauna: Nemiana simplex
  2. Trilobite,: Elrathia kingi
  3. Brachiopod: Obolus appolinis
  4. Bryozoa: Phylloporina furcata
  5. Nautiloidea: Endoceras sp.
  6. Brachiopod, Rhynchonellida
  7. Graptolite: Monograptus sp. & Cyrtograptus sp.
  8. Primitive Plant: Zosterophyllum rhenanum
  9. Tabulate coral: Favosites polymorphus
  10. Tetracorallia: Cyathophyllum sp.
  11. Tetracorallia: Calceola sandalina
  12. Brachiopod: Spinocyrtia ostiolata
  13. Brachiopod, Rhynchonellida: Kransia sp.
  14. Goniatit, Cephalopod with simple sutur line: Cheiloceras sp.
  15. Horsetail tree: Calamites sp.
  16. Giant club moss, Lycopods: Lepidodendron aculeatum
  17. Seed fern
  18. Blastoid: Pentremites godoni
  19. Foraminifera: Triticites ventricosus
  20. Primitive Amphibian, Labyrinthodontia: Branchiosaurus amblystomus
  21. Silicified Wood: Dadoxylon sp.
  22. Brachiopod: Coenothyris vulgaris
  23. Encrinus liliiformis
  24. Bivalve, Devil’s Toenail: Gryphaea arcuata
  25. Ammonit: Osperleioceras bicarinatum
  26. Bivalve: Posidonia (Steinmannia) bronni / Bositra buchii
  27. Sponge: Cnemidiastrum rimulosum
  28. Ammonit:‚Perisphinctes‘ sp.
  29. Belemnite: Belemnitella mucronata;
  30. Sea urchin: Conulus subconicus
  31. Teeth of a shark: Cretolamna maroccana
  32. Dinosaur-Egg-Shale
  33. Foraminifera: Nummulites perforatus
  34. Mesogastropoda, Sea snail
  35. Anthozoa: Pattalophyllia sinuosa
  36. Gastropod: Pleurotoma (Clavatula)
  37. Fruit of a Plant: Mastixia amygdalaeformis
  38. Scaphopoda: Dentalium sexangulum
  39. Artefact: Flint
  40. Mammalia: Mammuthus primigenius
Item No.: 1018513 [U75025]
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