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Whether you are doing community outreach or working in an academic setting, we’ve got the visual aids to make a compelling case for choosing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Teach the new standards of nutrition with the MyPlate Plate - a durable plastic plate featuring the MyPlate USDA graphic to help us fill our plate with the proper ratio of foods. Table-top displays cover a range of nutrition related topics including obesity and common eating disorders. Use the many convenient display cases to create a dialog on topics such as the consequences of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse. Best-selling self exam and reproductive health products for education include realistic BSE and TSE models. Shop the many replicas to demonstrate the proper use of male and female contraceptive devices as well as 3-D displays on the topics of STD’s and a Guide to Contraceptives. If health education is what you need to cover, 3B Scientific has you covered!
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See For Yourself: Pap Tests Easel Display, 1018296 [W43132], Health Education

See For Yourself: Pap Tests Easel Display

223.75 €
Item: 1018296 [W43132]

Facts About Testicular and Prostate Cancer Display, 1018413 [W43138], Health Education

Facts About Testicular and Prostate Cancer Display

157.50 €
Item: 1018413 [W43138]

Teen Circumcision Training Kit, dark skin, 1017256 [W44064TN], Health Education

Teen Circumcision Training Kit, dark skin

211.25 €
Item: 1017256 [W44064TN]
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