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Advanced Breast Exam Simulator

Advanced Breast Exam Simulator, 1017235 [W44787], Gynecology
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The Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator offers unparalleled realism for teaching both clinical and self-breast examination. Unlike other simulators, tissue density actually varies within the simulated breast, just as it does in a live patient. Tumors of varying sizes (1-4 cm diameter), shapes (round, oval, irregular/stellate), and densities can be inserted by the instructor for an expanded combination of training scenarios.

Tumors represent adenomas, cysts, malignant tumors, and enlarged lymph nodes. The trainer features palpable ribs, sternum and clavicles, and enlarged lympth nodes in the axillary and subclavicular areas. Peau d'orange ("orange peel skin") with inflammations, inverted nipple, skin dimpling and asymmeetry are also depicted on the incredibly realistic skin. The Life/form® Advanced Breast Exam Simulator has been designed for supine examination, but may also be used standing upright if desired. Training may also be done without the overlay skin. Includes a rigid underbody, right and left breast inserts, overlay skin, three tumor sets (27 lumps), baby powder, hard carrying case, and instruction manual.

Item No.: 1017235 [W44787]
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Product Information
Weight 6.213 kg
Dimensions 35.6 x 27.9 x 15.2 cm
Brand Life/form
MPN: LF00980U
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