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Plate Capacitor D

Plate Capacitor D, 1006798 [U8492355], Electrostatics

Plate Capacitor D


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Plate capacitor used to investigate the relationship between electric charge and voltage, quantify capacitance as a function of plate spacing, measure the dielectric constant ε and precisely determine the electric field constant ε0. Plate separation can be finely adjusted and read off from a display to an accuracy of 1/10 mm. Plate spacing: 0 – 160 mm Plates can be adjusted between 0 and 20 mm via a spindle Plates: solid castings Plate area: 500 cm2 Weight: 4.2 kg approx.
Product Data
Item No. 1006798 [U8492355]
Weight 4.289 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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