Lorentz Motor

Lorentz Motor, 1002662 [U10372], Conductors in Magnetic Fields
Lorentz Motor, 1002662 [U10372], Conductors in Magnetic Fields
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Comprising a motor armature without an iron core, this device is intended for installation inside the permanent magnet with adjustable pole spacing (P 1002660 ). The coil is rotated purely by the Lorentz force, its direction of rotation depending on the direction of the current.

The Lorentz Motor is an armature that is intended for use with the Permanent Magnet.

After a little kick start, the coil is rotated purely by the Lorentz force and its direction of rotation depends on the direction of the current.

additionally required:
P1002660 Permanent magnet with adjustable pole pitch
P1003312 DC power supply unit 230V (alternatively P1003311 DC power supply unit 115V)

The Lorentz motor is used to demonstrate Lorentz force which acts upon a currentcarrying conductor. The Lorentz motor armature consists of a coil with approx. 40 mm diameter and 3 turns. The ends of the coil are plugged into a coil mount, which can rotate freely on a shaft with an 8 mm diameter. A current can then flow continuously through the coil via the two slide contacts when the perceived axis through the coil is located almost perpendicularly to the magnetic field. The permanently attached connection leads are equipped with commercially available lab safety plugs with 4 mm diameter. In one of the leads there is also a series resistor with approx. 0.16 Ω (invisible) designed to limit the maximum motor current to such an extent as to avoid any disturbance to electronic control performed by standard power supplies.


Item No.: 1002662 [U10372]
Weight 0.145 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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