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Buttock Injection Simulator

Buttock Injection Simulator, 1000514 [P57], Injections and Punctures
Buttock Injection Simulator, 1000514 [P57], Injections and Punctures
Buttock Injection Simulator, 1000514 [P57], Injections and Punctures

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This high-quality, strap-on intramuscular simulator is a lifelike model of a right buttock with all important anatomical landmarks for intramuscular (I.M.) injections: iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine and greater trochanter. The integrated fine electronics provide extremely graphic feedback when training the intramuscular injection technique, correctly administered injections will produce audiovisual feedback.

Additional training and control modes are available for checking results either immediately or upon completion of a training session.

This anatomically realistic injection simulator is supplied with a 21G/0.8 injection needle and a 5 ml syringe.

Important: Do not fill the syringe with liquid. The unit is only intended for dry practice.

Note: Product is designed based on Hochstetter method 

  Intramuscular Injection Simulator - Upper Arm Intramuscular Injection Simulator - Upper Leg Buttock Injection Simulator Intramuscular injection simulator Intramuscular Injection Model of Buttocks Intramuscular Injection Simulator Intradermal Injection Simulator
Item No. 1009840 1000511 1000514 1010008 1005394 / 1022267 1005586 1005628
Body part upper arm upper leg buttock muscle extract with skin pelvis with buttocks lower torso forearm
Palpable anatomical landmarks - -
Injection type  intramuscular intramuscular intramuscular intramuscular intramuscular intramuscular intradermal
Injection sites as indicated by a trainer as indicated by a trainer as indicated by a trainer all the surface  as indicated by a trainer as indicated by a trainer eight
Proper injection audiovisual feedback audiovisual feedback audiovisual feedback - green light will appear - skin welt will form
Additional information training and test modes are available training and test modes are available training and test modes are available will absorb fluid special skin material does not show needle marks simulated bony structure is embedded in the torso liquid skin repair kit included (M-1013686)

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Item No.: 1000514 [P57]
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Product Information
Weight 2.306 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 12 cm
Brand 3B Scientific
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