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3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm

3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices
3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices
3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices
3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices
3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices
3B LASER NEEDLE, red laser light, 12x660 nm, 1021372 [W14235], Laser Acupuncture Devices

Channels & Wavelength:

12x 660 nm
10x 785 nm & 2x 660 nm
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The innovative 3B LASER Therapy is classified as low-level laser therapy, and is a painless and non-invasive treatment procedure. Light particles (photons) with high excitation density are conducted through fine optical fibers. The fibers do not puncture the skin, but are placed on the therapy points, radiating with high precision into the tissue which requires treatment.

The 3B Laser can be used simultaneously on arbitrary point combinations on the body, in the head region and on the ear. Thus, corresponding methodically to the traditions of classical acupuncture. They are equivalent to acupuncture treatments in their cerebral and peripheral stimulation effects. Additionally, the laser beams stimulate complex healing processes in tissues.

With the 3B LASER you use up to 12 lasers simultaneously. An instrument version with 12 channels of red laser light (660 nm) is provided as a proven standard.

You control and monitor the 3B LASER via the mobile touch screen (Control Touch Pad), which is connected with the laser unit by a radio interface. As a result of this novel technology you have more flexibility in your practice routine as therapist. Additionally, you achieve optimum communication with your patients, who can follow the treatment at all times and thus be more actively involved in the elucidation and therapy. This creates additional trust and increases the therapy success. The daily work is greatly simplified so that both a bedside and remote observation of the therapy course is possible. The input and control of the treatment parameters is self-explanatory and can be easily delegated to qualified staff members.

In addition to the preset programs and frequencies (Multi, Alpha, Nogier, Bahr, Reininger), individual patient programs can be easily entered, stored under the patient’s name and retrieved. In this manner, you can incidentally prepare your own database. Power (mW), frequencies (Hz), treatment time (min) and number of laser diodes can be arbitrarily selected. Via the colour display of the touch screen you are always informed of the important functions of the instrument, such as treatment time and dosage.

Compared to previous models, the product design, ergonomics and the routing of the waveguides, in addition to the mobility, have been greatly improved. Moreover, the number of individual laser has been increased from 10 to 12. An extremely flexible treatment arm and intelligent cable routing ensure very good handling and optimum treatment. Adhesive applicators, which simplify affixing the waveguide and save the therapist valuable time, are provided as standard.

The 3B LASER is mobile and can be used anywhere in your practice. A practical mount makes it possible to mount the instrument on existing tables or carts in a few seconds. Optionally, you can also order an attractive side table. For particularly small rooms a wall mount is included in the scope of delivery. Those who desire to use the same 3B LASER instrument in several rooms only have to pull the laser unit out of the patented mount and to insert it in an additional mount in the next room


Pain therapy Painless 3B LASER therapy can be employed for nearly all acupuncture treatments because up to 12 acupuncture points can be simultaneously stimulated. Knee and back pains as well as headaches or migraines and allergies are the most common indications. The treatment times and the point selection criteria are equivalent to those of classical acupuncture.

Orthopaedics Tendinoses, Chondropathies, Aseptic osteonecroses, Oedemas, Fractures, Rheumatic joint diseases

Dermatology Wound healing disorders, Neurodermitis, Common acne, Herpes, Age spots

Paediatrics Hay fever, Headaches, Bronchitis, Allergic asthma, Eczemas/Neurodermitis, Wart irradiation, Enuresis

Technical Details:
• 3B LASER unit with 12 laser diodes
• Mobile Touch Screen (Control Touch Pad)
• Self-explanatory and logical operation
• Low space requirements and high level of mobility
• Perfect Ergonomics
• Reliable and sophisticated technology
• Painless and side-effect-free treatment
• Broad therapy spectrum
• High patient acceptance
• Low capital expenditure
• Amortization after only a few treatments
• Comprehensive, fast service
• Made in Germany: guaranteed highest product quality and safety

Protection class II to EN 60601-1
Application unit BF to EN60601-1
class IIb nach RL93/42 EWG
Laser class 3R to EN60825-1:2007
Without moisture protection (IPX0)

Classification and standards Protection class Only for use by qualified professionals.
Medical devices may only be installed, operated, used and maintained by persons who have the necessary training or knowledge and experience. (Section 2 subs. 2 of the Regulation governing the Installation, Operation and Application of Medical Devices (Verordnung über das Errichten, Betreiben und Anwenden von Medizinprodukten, MPBetreibV)



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Item No.: 1021372 [W14235]
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