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Permanent Magnet with Adjustable Pole Spacing

Permanent Magnet with Adjustable Pole Spacing


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This permanent magnet has an adjustable pole spacing and a high field
strength arising from a use of two neodymium magnet elements. It comes with a black-finished iron yoke, knurled handles made of high-grade steel and attachable pole shoes. This magnet system can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Magnet: 20x10 mm
Pole shoes: 20x50 mm
Pole spacing: 2 - 80 mm
Field strength at center of gap: 20 mT - 1000 MT
Electromagnetic Experiment Set, 1002661 [U10371], Conductors in Magnetic Fields
506.94 €
Lorentz Motor, 1002662 [U10372], Conductors in Magnetic Fields
117.81 €
Product Data
Item No. 1002660 [U10370]
Weight 1.57 kg
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