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Paediatric Head

Paediatric Head, 1005630 [W44101], Injections and Punctures
Paediatric Head, 1005630 [W44101], Injections and Punctures

Paediatric Head


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An invaluable tool for demonstrating and practicing infusions and injections in the temporal and jugular veins of a newborn to a twelve-month-old infant. The neck is made of soft, flexible foam to provide a realistic feel of palpation and puncture.

The paediatric head includes the following:

• Head (to represent a six-month-old infant) with skin and veins
• Fluid supply bag
• 2 different gauge winged infusion needles
• Artificial blood

Supplied with hard carrying case.

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Product Data
Item No. 1005630 [W44101]
Weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions 45 x 23 x 12 cm
MPN: LF00999U
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