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OtoSim™ und OphthoSim™ Set

OtoSim™ und OphthoSim™ Set


OtoSim 2™ content and skills features include:
  • Instrument Use
  • Feature Identification
  • Pathology
  • External Auditory Canal - Acute Otitis Externa, Cerumen, Foreign Bodies, and more
  • Middle Ear - Normal Tympanic Membrane, Temporal Bone Fractures, Acute Otitis Media, Serous Otitis Media, Tympanocentesis, Myringotomy, and more
  • Self-Examination and Anatomy Examination (advanced quizzes with randomized, realistic clinical scenarios)
  • Pneumatic Otoscopy - Simulated slides to enhance students' pneumatic otoscopy skills (available with purchase of PneumatoSim™ 1021952)
OphthoSim™ software includes:
  • Training and testing modules with database of 200 High Resolution Images
  • Detailed text descriptions and pre-annotations for normal landmarks and pathological features
  • Landmarking Function - allows instructor to highlight specific characteristics of pathologies
  • Advanced Quizzes - Randomized realistic clinical scenarios to test both medical and patient interaction skills
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface - Improves viewer retention though immersive full-screen experience
OphthoSim™ content and skills features:
  • History of Ophthalmoscopy
  • Examination Principles & Technique
  • Instrument Use
  • Retinal Feature Identification
  • Pathology - Papilledema, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Choroidal Rupture, Macular Degeneration, plus more
  • Examinations and Self-Examinations

  OtoSim 2™ Otoscopy Training OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscopy Training OtoSim 2™ and OphthoSim™ Set
  1021950 1021954 1022140
Base unit
Instrument OtoSim 2™ Otoscope OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscope OtoSim 2™ Otoscope and OphthoSim™ Ophthalmoscope
Control Box OtoSim 2™ control box OphthoSim™ control box OtoSim 2™ and OphthoSim™ control box
Adult Earform right and left right and left
OphthoSim™ Eye
USB Cable      
Otoscope Cable
Ophthalmoscope Cable
Extra Speculums
Software (delivered on a USB stick) OtoSim 2™-Software OphthoSim™-Software OtoSim 2™- und OphthoSim™-Software
Protective Hard Cases 2 2 3
User manual (delivered on a USB stick)

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