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Chicken Skeleton (Gallus gallus domesticus), Specimen, 1020966 [T300021], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Chicken Skeleton (Gallus gallus domesticus), Specimen

433.16 €
Item: 1020966 [T300021]

Chicken skeleton (Gallus gallus domesticus), disarticulated, 1020967 [T30002U], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Chicken skeleton (Gallus gallus domesticus), disarticulated

327.25 €
Item: 1020967 [T30002U]

Pigeon Skeleton (Columba livia domestica), Specimen, 1020982 [T300071], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pigeon Skeleton (Columba livia domestica), Specimen

297.50 €
Item: 1020982 [T300071]

Pigeon skeleton (Columba livia domestica), disarticulated, 1020983 [T30007U], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pigeon skeleton (Columba livia domestica), disarticulated

243.95 €
Item: 1020983 [T30007U]

Pigeon Wings and Feathers (Columba palumbus), Specimen, 1021041 [T300331], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pigeon Wings and Feathers (Columba palumbus), Specimen

264.18 €
Item: 1021041 [T300331]

Duck Skeleton (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), Specimen, 1020979 [T300351], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Duck Skeleton (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), Specimen

487.90 €
Item: 1020979 [T300351]

Duck skeleton (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), disarticulated, 1020980 [T30035U], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Duck skeleton (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), disarticulated

368.90 €
Item: 1020980 [T30035U]

Goose Skull (Anser anser domesticus), Specimen, 1021035 [T30042], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Goose Skull (Anser anser domesticus), Specimen

113.05 €
Item: 1021035 [T30042]

Pheasant skeleton (Phasianus colchicus), articulated, 1021030 [T300441], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pheasant skeleton (Phasianus colchicus), articulated

737.80 €
Item: 1021030 [T300441]

Goose Skeleton (Anser anser domesticus), Specimen, 1021033 [T300451], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Goose Skeleton (Anser anser domesticus), Specimen

541.45 €
Item: 1021033 [T300451]

Goose skeleton (Anser anser domesticus), disarticulated, 1021034 [T30045U], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Goose skeleton (Anser anser domesticus), disarticulated

410.55 €
Item: 1021034 [T30045U]

Chicken Skull (Gallus gallus domesticus), Specimen, 1020968 [T30070], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Chicken Skull (Gallus gallus domesticus), Specimen

113.05 €
Item: 1020968 [T30070]

Pigeon Skull (Columba livia domestica), Specimen, 1020984 [T30071], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pigeon Skull (Columba livia domestica), Specimen

113.05 €
Item: 1020984 [T30071]

Duck Skull (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), Specimen, 1020981 [T30072], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Duck Skull (Anas platyrhynchos domestica), Specimen

113.05 €
Item: 1020981 [T30072]

Pigeon and Pigeon Skeleton (Columba livia domestica), in Display Case, Specimens, 1021040 [T310051], Ornithology (Ornithology)

Pigeon and Pigeon Skeleton (Columba livia domestica), in Display Case, Specimens

499.80 €
Item: 1021040 [T310051]