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Orbit™ Tellurium

Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
Orbit™ Tellurium, 1008661 [U19600], Gravitation
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Attractive and easy-to-operate three-dimensional model of the sun, moon and earth, for comprehensive demonstration of their motions. Earth and moon in two different sizes in order to demonstrate day and night, motion of the sun across the sky, annual seasons, the changing amounts of daylight, phases of the moon, as well as solar and lunar eclipses and the cycles they exhibit.
Shadows have clear edges since the sun is represented by a bright lamp with a Sunbeam™ reflector. As an alternative to turning the whole system together, the rotation of the earth on its axis and the position of the moon in its orbit can be adjusted individually by hand.

Tellurium with earth and moon in two sizes
Display cards showing dates, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses and phases of the moon
Small figure
Detailed instructions in English
Mains transformer, 100–240 V/6V

Dimensions: 650x250x300 mm³

Item No.: 1008661 [U19600]
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Weight 2.538 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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