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Optical rider D, 60/50

Optical rider D, 60/50, 1012400 [U103101], Optics with an Optical Bench
Optical rider D, 60/50, 1012400 [U103101], Optics with an Optical Bench
Optical rider D, 60/50, 1012400 [U103101], Optics with an Optical Bench
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Optical rider for D-model precision optical benches (U10300, U10301 and U10302) for mounting optical attachments on a stem. For research and demonstration experiments requiring maximum accuracy. Made of black anodized aluminum.

Thanks to a hole drilled in the middle of the base and an accompanying scale, it is possible to read off the position of the centre of the rider on the optical bench directly. The riders are preliminarily fixed to the optical bench via springy built-in plastic nipples until the grub screw is tightened.
Long-term attachment is designed to protect the materials using a stainless steel pressure shoe rather than the point of a screw. The stems of the optical equipment placed on the bench are also designed to protect the materials in that they are clamped using a stainless bracket.
Clamping width for rods: 10 - 14 mm
Sleeve height : 60 mm
Base width: 50 mm


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Item No.: 1012400 [U103101]
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