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Oil-Test Paper

Oil-Test Paper, 1003783 [W11706], Ecological Supplies
Oil-Test Paper, 1003783 [W11706], Ecological Supplies
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To prove oil in water or in soil and to prove hydrocarbons, especially in fuel (Diesel) and motor oil. Even if the water is self – coloured, a deep blue colouring of the test tape follows while having small oil contents. Package with 100 tapes 20 x 70 mm. Description in English and German.

Detection limit  Oil - 250 mg/L petroleum ether, 10 mg/L gasoline (high octane), 5 mg/L fuel oil, 1 mg/L lubricating oil.

Item No.: 1003783 [W11706]
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Dimensions 8 x 5 x 2.5 cm
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