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Look no further for nutrition teaching aids. 3B Scientific® is here to help you build a healthy plate. Check out the MyPlate Plate featuring the new USDA graphic to help us better fill our plates.  Our Food Replicas Starter Kit contains foods from all six food groups while more detailed kits such as the  Diabetes Nutrition Kit features replicas plus resources explaining diabetes and providing menu guides. If food replicas aren't what you're looking for, try our teaching displays such as the Benefits of Healthy Eating Display or the Visualize Your Portion Size Display which  teaches portion awareness by relating common portion sizes to everyday objects.  The Vat of Fat is a graphic and informative display which features 1 lb. of gooey simulated fat. 
Obesity Model,W33363

Obesity Model

129.71 €
Item: W33363 [1019566]

Why Blood Pressure Checks Can Save Your Life Easel Display,W43119

Why Blood Pressure Checks Can Save Your Life Easel Display

166.60 €
Item: W43119 [1018289]

Death of An Artery Easel Display,W43121

Death of An Artery Easel Display

166.60 €
Item: W43121 [1018290]

Vat of Fat,W43217

Vat of Fat

101.15 €
Item: W43217 [1018309]

Healthy Eating Out Flip Chart,W43218

Healthy Eating Out Flip Chart

130.90 €
Item: W43218 [1018408]

MyPlate Plate,W44791

MyPlate Plate

16.66 €
Item: W44791 [1018316]

MyPlate Cling Place Mats,W44791CPM

MyPlate Cling Place Mats

45.22 €
Item: W44791CPM [1018317]

Complete MyPlate Kit,W44791K

Complete MyPlate Kit

803.25 €
Item: W44791K [1018318]

MyPlate Poster with Key Phrases,W44791P

MyPlate Poster with Key Phrases

17.85 €
Item: W44791P [1018319]

MyPlate Tear Pad with Food Group Tips,W44791TP

MyPlate Tear Pad with Food Group Tips

17.85 €
Item: W44791TP [1018321]

MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats,W44791TPP

MyPlate Tear Pads/Place Mats

21.42 €
Item: W44791TPP [1018322]