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Air Cushion Platform with Inkjet Pucks, 1021623 [U22070], Motion in a Plane

Air Cushion Platform with Inkjet Pucks

3,189.20 €
Item: 1021623 [U22070]

Equipment Set for Powder Tracing, 1000739 [U8400870], Motion in a Plane

Equipment Set for Powder Tracing

217.77 €
Item: 1000739 [U8400870]

Pendulum with Plotting Electrode, 1000780 [U8405640], Motion in a Plane

Pendulum with Plotting Electrode

79.73 €
Item: 1000780 [U8405640]

Inkjet Pucks Basic Set, 1021624 [U22072], Motion in a Plane

Inkjet Pucks Basic Set

1,650.53 €
Item: 1021624 [U22072]

Acrylic Puck, 1003362 [U40513], Motion in a Plane

Acrylic Puck

36.30 €
Item: 1003362 [U40513]

Aluminum Puck, 1003363 [U40514], Motion in a Plane

Aluminum Puck

42.01 €
Item: 1003363 [U40514]

Pair of Magnetic Pucks, 1003364 [U40515], Motion in a Plane

Pair of Magnetic Pucks

74.97 €
Item: 1003364 [U40515]