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Model Eye for Ultrasonic Biometry

Model Eye for Ultrasonic Biometry, 1012869 [U10018], Ultrasound
Model Eye for Ultrasonic Biometry, 1012869 [U10018], Ultrasound

Model Eye for Ultrasonic Biometry


Model of the human eye, enlarged to a scale of 3 to 1, including the cornea, the lens and glass bodies for demonstrating the fundamentals of ultrasonic biometry. The biometric ratios in the human eye (distance between cornea and lens, thickness of lens, distance between lens and retina) are very well suited to demonstrating measurement using a pulse-echo method with ultrasound. With the help of an ultrasonic echoscope (U100101) and a 2-MHz ultrasonic probe (U10016), typical echoes and the speed of sound can be measured. This allows the geometry of individual objects in the eye to be calculated. A lesion close to the back of the eye becomes apparent due to the diffuse nature of its echo.

  • Diameter: 80 mm
Ultrasonic Probe, 2 MHz, 1002582 [U10016], Ultrasound
648.55 €
Product Data
Item No. 1012869 [U10018]
Weight 0.331 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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